My Twisty Shoes

This personlised book recounts a kid's marvellous trip around the world wearing a pair of magical shoes. The custom made book is a mini travelogue for children taking them to the most popular global destinations like London, Paris, Australia etc. They will enjoy riding the London Eye, Climbing atop the Eiffel Tower and dancing with kangaroos at Australia among other fun-filled activities. Your child will just love being part of this book.

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Inspire the traveller in your child through this personalised book. It is a must-have book that will open the child's mind to places beyond their own.

It will definitely help to raise the curiosity in the young ones for the world out there.

I look up , I look down,
My favourite places all around,
Some have slides,

And some have snow,
There is a Twist in my shoes,
Here we go !!!